Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1780s Stays

Purple Stays 28 Purple Stays 29 Purple Stays 27

Before making these stays, I already had two hand sewn pairs of 18th century stays. It's completely logical to need a third, right? I enjoy making stays though, and a long term hand sewing project is always nice to have.

I have an in depth post on construction here. The short version is they're made of wool, linen buckram, reed, metal boning and artificial whalebone and are based on the 1798 jumps in Corsets by Jill Salen.

Purple Stays 34Purple Stays 31

It's very nice to have front lacing stays! I can lace myself into back lacing stays, but don't really like doing it. I kept the back lacing so they'd be adjustable. Stays usually stretch, and a perfectly closing set of front lacing stays usually doesn't stay that way forever.

Purple Stays 32 Purple Stays 34

I'm quite pleased with the shape of these stays. Usually my corsets are interchangeable, but I actually had to make adjustments to my bodice muslin for these stays. As annoying as patterning is, it was a welcome change :)

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