Sunday, March 30, 2014

An 1880s Cotton Print Bustle Dress

This dress is a copy of an original that I own, and is made out of reproduction fabric from Spoonflower. For more information, I have posts on the bodice, the overskirt, and the skirt.

Cotton Bustle 1Cotton Bustle 2

I'm wearing it over my Laughing Moon spoon busk corset that I made probably 9 years ago, sleeveless chemise, Laughing Moon bustle, and Truly Victorian petticoat. I'm wearing my 1860s Robert Land walking shoes because they're so comfortable, and perfect for an outdoor nature type outing :)

I'd also like to note that my center front overlap is slightly off. Not as bad as in my On Perfectionism post, but I didn't leave quite enough straight at the bottom of the curved front. I'm quite fine with it though :)

Cotton Bustle 3 Cotton Bustle 5

I'm wearing the Miller's Millinery Bebe bonnet, which is the same one I wore with my blue bustle dress and bustle coat.

Cotton Bustle 4 Cotton Bustle 6

It was a very windy day, at times! Fortunately, the wind came and went. It does prove that you can move in Victorian clothing though--the key is to have a tight armscye. And climbing off the rocks in the previous picture, I apparently tore one of the tapes holding the overskirt up. You can see how it trails a little. Oops :)


  1. Are you at all familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance"? This post reminds me of one of the songs.

  2. Lovely! Your photographer picked a great location too. There looks like there was some 18th-century inspiration in this gown.. :)

  3. Your gowns are always inspirational & how fun to even have a fabric specially made for it.

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