Monday, March 19, 2012

Coming soon...

In the interest of posting more, I do have two--excepting hooks and eyes on the harem pants--new costumes done. I don't have good pictures of either; however, I do have pictures! These are for an upcoming Titanic dinner. I'll be leaving for that in 16 days. I feel quite good about having everything done!

First, my take on the Poiret Sorbet dress. Mine has velvet appliques and is a bit more fitted than the original, but it's my dress, and I wanted to be happy with how it looked. All within period ideals still, of course! And no, I won't be wearing a blue t-shirt underneath :)

Poiret Preview!

Next is an outfit with harem pants. The bodice is a simplified version of the 1911 Lady Maud bodice in Patterns of Fashion. I wanted very sheer sleeves, so I don't have all of the support layers.


The green silk is the most fabulous lightweight practically sheer but taffeta like green and black shot silk that I was lucky enough to find on sale in the garment district many years ago. The rest of it is destined to be a Regency open robe :)

Harem pants!

And these are just too funny. But silk chiffon lined with silk charmeuse? So luxurious...

Regency--Day and Night!

I've been a simply horrible Blogger! My Live Journal is nice and active with lots of day to day sewing, but here? Well, I've more than neglected it. So I decided it was finally time to present my dress and a half--a day and evening version of a Regency dress built around the same base.

Evening Spencer 1815 Wool Dress

For this year’s Jane Austen Evening in Pasadena, I decided to make a new dress and a half. Why a dress and a half? A day dress and evening dress based off the same base! I fell in love with a fashion plate that showed an embroidered muslin skirt worn under a dress Of course, I didn’t want to put all the work into an embroidered petticoat and only wear it during the day, so I found an evening spencer that I could also wear with the petticoat.