Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Brief Costume Update--Or I have been busy!

Although I haven't posted here in ages, I have been busy! In fact, it's why I've been neglecting to post. I thought since it's been so long I'd share an update on just what I've been working on. Since Costume College, I've made six new dresses, three dresses and a wrapper for my trip to Gettysburg (though I have no useable wrapper pictures!), my contribution to the Vernet project, and a new ball gown for the Jane Austen Evening. I also have tutorials for each of these dresses planned.

2016-02-07_02-30-43 2016-02-07_02-19-24 2016-02-07_02-30-27

My dresses for Gettysburg were an orange wool tartan trimmed with lime green silk with a slightly gored skirt worn over an elliptical hoop, a wool gauze ball gown, and a blue wool dress based on a silk dress at the Met, and worn with a talma knitted from an 1857 pattern, knitted mariposa cap, and tiny Princess Royal scarf.

2016-02-07_02-28-35 2016-02-07_02-31-15

My Verrnet dress is possibly the least favorite thing I've ever made, though I am happy with the shawl collar and will have a tutorial. Thankfully, I followed with possibly the most fun dress I've ever made, my over the top sweet Regency ball gown. It has nine ribbon streamers coming from the waist which made it incredibly fun to dance in. I'm wearing both of these dresses over my new Bernhardt short stays, which I love.

More about all of these dresses coming soon! Maybe :)