Monday, July 8, 2013

What I've been up to...

While this blog is more of a place for finished projects and tutorials than daily ramblings (for which you should be grateful for), the complete silence of the moment isn't what I want for it either! I do have a few more Williamsburg projects to share (two jackets, a banyan thing and a shortgown of questionable authenticity (linen lined in wool!) but it was for just around the house...), but I've been so engrossed in current projects that I haven't updated.

First--and this project is actually finished--a beaded 1920s dress. Here's a preview of some of the beading on the bodice


It's tambour beading with size 15/0 beads on silk chiffon with a yellow China silk slip. I'll be wearing it at the Costume College Gala.

Next, the very close to being finished apron front plaid 1820s gown.


It just needs the skirt trimmed and attached and a belt. Not bad! I'm happy with how it's turning out, but at the same time, I'm not devoting as much to it as I wanted to with this fabric. I blame one of the worst coughs in the history of the world (see also, reasons for not updating blogs--especially the antique one). Seriously. It should be a good dress though!

And next we have the Grumpy Cat sundress. Yes, you read that right!


I'll be wearing this the day before Costume College. We decided against dressing up dressing up, but...

This will have a narrow skirt from a 1951 pattern. The bodice is from another 1950s pattern that I have. I loaned it out a few years ago, so I'm not sure of the date--I had the my size pattern from it though! I initially had a 1950s Vogue juniors pattern that matched my measurements for this dress, but it had almost seven inches of ease. Even pretending I was wearing a bullet bra, it seriously didn't work! I was going to use the skirt from that pattern, but it had a center front seam, which really wouldn't work too well!

Oh, and my No necklace should be here shortly...