Late Victorian Costumes

Cotton Bustle 4
An 1880s Cotton Print Bustle Dress

An 1880s Bustle Coat

Spotty Dress--Documentation
The Spotty Dress

Costume College 2011
The Spotty Evening Dress

Tennis, Anyone?  The Victorian Outfits
Victorian Tennis Dress and Putting the Tennis dress on

And now, links to my website, from the pre blogging days!

An 1880s Ball Gown Inspired by Worth

An 1880s Pink and Green Bustle Dress

A Pink Bustle

1880s Day and Evening Bustle Dress

An 1870 or 1874 Pink Ball Gown

An Early Bustle Summer Dress


  1. I love looking at the dresses you make! They're great!

  2. I like how you are getting a collection of tennis outfits from every era... !