Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Spotty Evening Dress

So, if you have a huge, complicated skirt, 18 inches of leftover blue fabric and about a yard of spotty fabric leftover, what do you do? Make an evening version, of course!

Spotty Evening

And wear tons of jewelry--including a tiara, choker (the dress is based on one of Princess Alexandra's!), necklace, bracelets, more bracelets, a rhinestone belt buckle, and earrings. What can I say, sparkly is fun :)

Costume College 2011 Costume College 2011

I've said more than enough about construction of the day dress, so I'll just say a little here. The cutouts on the bodice are piped and made the same way as my 1869 day dress.

Costume College 2011 Costume College 2011

The sleeve is a spotty puff over a fitted lining with bands of blue holding it in.

Costume College 2011 Costume College 2011

The belt has a blue lined with spotty silk peplum and a little spotty rosette. It's just a half oval that I pleated to the waistband.


And the amount of fabric I had to make this. What doesn't show is that the bodice pieces are against a cut bias edge.

Costume College 2011