1920s Costumes

One Hour Dress Project

20s Sweater 2
A 1921 "Two Day" Sweater 

Green Robe de Style
A Beaded Robe de Style

2014 Gala Dress 14
A 1922 Evening Dress from Harper's Bazar

beaded 6
A 1920s Beaded Dress

1920s Tennis Dress 7
A 1920s Hemstitched Tennis Dress

Lily Pad Lanvin Dress
The Lily Pad Lanvin Dress

1925 Bathing Suit
1925 Bathing Costume

Gala 2012
Gold 1920s Dress

Robe de Style
Lanvin Robe de Style--The Dress
Initial Thoughts (Yes, I wrote a novel...)

Pink and gold 20s
Pink and Gold 1923 Dress

1929 Dress
1929 Blue Silk Print Dress

Dressing Gown
1920s Undies

1920s Teddy 38
A Teddy, Combinations, Step-Ins, Camiknickers...

Envelope Chemise 19
A 1920s Envelope Chemise

And one on my website!
A 1921 Vionnet Dress

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