Monday, September 24, 2012

My First Lanvin--A Robe de Style: The Dress!

I think I've said quite enough about this dress, so here, at last, are pictures of me wearing it!

Robe de Style Robe de Style

At Costume College 2009. I was afraid of feeling underdressed at the gala; however, once I put the dress on, no worries!

Robe de Style Robe de Style

There's a lot of skirt in this--that's fine though, who doesn't love a lot of skirt?

The Robe de Style at Costume College The Robe de Style at Costume College

And as costumers, what's underneath is so important!

The shoes are ballroom dance shoes made by Very Fine. They're so sparkly! I believe I bought them from, but it's been so long I can't be sure...

Robe de Style

And one last picture :)

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  1. This dress is just lovely. Great job.

  2. Jippie! This was the dress I was talking about! Super gorgeous, I like the alterations you made. Thanks for sharing again. And I like the shoes!!

  3. I remember this at CC09,right? It is a beautiful color and well done. I just got the Lanvin book and now understand the design style. Belissima!