Monday, May 5, 2014

The Completed Cotehardie!

Cotehardie at Faire 7 Cotehardie at Faire 5

My completed cotehardie! You can read about the construction here, about the veil here and here, and about the hose here.

I'm wearing two dresses--known as cotehardies in costuming circles. The blue dress is a supportive layer that laces up, and could be worn on its own or with an overdress. The pink overdress is cut to the same pattern (except I should've raised the neckline a bit) and closes with buttons. I'm wearing both dresses over my Regency short sleeved shift. The blue sleeves are a little too tight to be comfortable over my 18c shifts. With a little wear they would be fine. I considered making a sleeveless shift (there are extant examples), but in the end, my Regency shift worked fine.

Cotehardie at Faire 2 Cotehardie at Faire 8

The side and back views. I really enjoyed lifting the pink skirt to show the blue underskirt. Apparently a little too much, as I don't have a picture of the back without lifting it! I am planning on wearing it at Costume College though, so pictures then :)

Cotehardie at Faire 1 Cotehardie at Faire 3

I wore a sash over the blue dress and hung a velvet bag based loosely on this one and my knitted kitty pouch. My hose are bias cut wool.

DSC_7162 DSC_7156

The blue dress worn on its own.

DSC_7155 DSC_7170

And a back view without holding the skirt up!

Cotehardie at Faire 10

And finally, a post faire picture. After a hot day (in the 90s!), it does feel very good to relax your costume a bit :)


  1. Very beautiful work! ALMOST makes me want to do that time period. Almost.

  2. Lovely! One of rather few really good examples of American made medieval clothing I've seen :)

  3. Fabulous job. All the pieces are lovely: it makes me want to sew some, too! Thanks for sharing about how you constructed these and where you got your information from.


  4. Love this dress, makes me want to make one as well!! :D

  5. I love it. The fabric colors pair so well together. And I love the cheeky shot with the hose. :D

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