Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A 1905 Waist and Skirt

The finished dress

In 2008, my friend Sarah had a dress up opportunity at work and she asked me to take part. It was so hard to convince me! Anyway, the theme was 1905 so I decided it was time to finally make a lingerie blouse.

The finished dress The finished dress

The blouse is cotton batiste with miles of lace insertion (all from Farmhouse Fabrics), and was so much fun to make. It closes up the back with machine (they're period!) buttonholes on the fabric and loops made of buttonhole stitch on the lace collar.

The hat is the Lynn McMasters round pattern, and it did look better in real life than in the front on pictures that are on Flickr but not here. And it would look better if I could get bigger hair too, admittedly :)

The finished dressThe finished dress

The bodice pattern started as my 1860s base pattern--I know, absolutely no help!

The skirt is from the Folkwear pattern and is tropical weight wool from B. Black and Sons and lined with polished cotton.

I'm wearing it over a sleeveless chemise based on the Folkwear princess slip pattern, the Folkwear princess slip, and a Folkwear petticoat and drawers. They're pretty good patterns! My corset is the 1905 corset from Period Costume for Stage and Screen. I was quite pleased that although I made that absolutely ages ago and never wore it, it was well made and only needed a slight alteration--the hips were too big and made the stomach stick out--to fit.

The Waist The Waist

I'll save construction for a different post--the collar in particular is deserving of attention!

The belt

The belt is silk taffeta interlined with two layers of cotton organdy and backed with cotton twill.

I cut the organdy and twill without seam allowances and just hemmed the silk over them. It closes with hooks and bars.

The petticoat The Princess Slip

And the slip and petticoat!

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  1. Really lovely! You captured the silhouette and spirit of 1905.

    The lace insertion on your blouse is fantastic! I love details like lace insertion (and find them very rewarding to sew). The yoke and collar really look fantastic.

    Again, beautiful!