Early Period, Vintage, and Fantasy

DSC_3956 (1)
Melisandre's Glowing Necklace

GoT Handmaiden 2
A Game of Thrones King's Landing/Handmaiden/Shae dress

1946 Bathing Suit 1
A 1946 Playsuit

Game of Thrones Linen Dress 4
A Summery Game of Thrones King's Landing Dress

Game of Thrones Dress 9
Game of Thrones King's Landing Dress

Game of Thrones Sundress 09
A Game of Thrones Sundress

Cotehardie at Faire 6
My Cotehardie

Grumpy Cat Sundress 1
Grumpy Cat Sundress

Angry Birds Dress 7
My Angry Birds Dress

Tennis, Anyone, the vintage outfits!
1960s Tennis Dress

1950s Faire Dress
A 1950s dress for faire

40s Playsuit
1940s Playsuit

And from my site!


Padme's Aqua Georgette dress from
Star Wars Episode III

Eowyn's Shieldmaiden Dress
from The Two Towers

Eowyn's Travelling Coat
Eowyn's White Wool Dress

Early Work

Regency Underthings
A Drop-Front dress from Patterns of Fashion
My Basic, White Regency Dress
My 1860s Ballgown
My Hairpiece
Mid Nineteenth Century Undergarments
Mid Nineteenth Century Undergarments, Take Two
Russian Court Dress
Padme's Picnic Dress from
Star Wars Episode II

Eowyn's Refugee Dress from The Two

My First 18th Century Stays


  1. Hi, I can't find contact info anywhere so I'll ask here. I want to make Eowyn's Shieldmaiden dress but I'm not sure which pattern you said you used for the vest. Is it this: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/patterns/sewingpatterns.pl?patternid=3027#.UP9FsfKwe0J?

  2. That's it! It's been so long--I'm surprised it's still available!

  3. Some of the links to your "Early Work" list are broken :(

    I really love your site, and have been following your projects for years! Keep it up!