Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Angry Birds Dress!

Angry Birds Dress 7

A little history here. I am obsessed with Angry Birds. I started playing in November 2010 when I got my a smartphone and haven't slowed down since. I have three starred every level of every version (except the last five levels of Red's Mighty Feathers, but those don't count since it's a different game, but I will get them done *someday*), so when by Teija Vesterbacka, wife of a Rovio executive, wore an Angry Birds dress to a dinner at the Finnish Presidential Palace, many friends shared the picture with me. And last year at Costume College, Sara told me I had to make it. The rest is history.

Construction can be seen here. This post is devoted to the dress itself!

And a side note--my tiara is a vintage one from Etsy and soooooo sparkly in person. I love it. Now onto the dress!

Angry Birds Dress 5 Angry Birds Dress 2

The dress is made of silk charmeuse, the bodice lined with Egyptian cotton, and it's lined with China silk. It has a small sweep, which isn't completely apparent in the pictures. As you'd expect, it feels incredibly luxurious to wear!

Angry Birds Dress 1 Angry Birds Dress 3 Angry Birds Dress 10

I find it amusing how the bird peeks out from the dress. It's as if he's hidden, but not quite. My shoes are a pair of sparkly bronze flats that I already had. The color was perfect, and who can resist sparkly shoes?

Angry Birds Dress 8

I of course played Angry Birds while wearing it. This is one of the Birdday Party levels. Sadly, I didn't pass it this time around :)


  1. 3 star upside down and backwards.

  2. The dress is fantastic, and you looked great in it!

  3. Darn, I missed seeing you in this one! Thanks for posting. I love the peeky bird!

  4. Never heard of Angry Birds but that's a pretty cool dress - love it!

  5. It is a fun idea and a really lovely dress!