Edwardian and Teens Costumes

Plaid Dress 9
A 1918 Plaid Silk Dress

A 1913 Dress Based on a Photograph of Mata Hari

My Poiret dress My harem pants
Poiret Sorbet and Harem Pants

The finished dress
1905 Skirt and Waist

And the pre blogging costumes that made it to my site!
An Edwardian Corset from Period Costume For Stage and Screen
A Middy Blouse and Pleated Skirt
A 1911 Corset from Corsets and Crinolines


  1. I have looked at your jacket for the Edwardian period. I want to create a QnD (Quick and Dirty) costume for an auction. I purchaced a suit (jacket and pants for a man in a black with pin stripes). I plan to use the pant fabric to recut the sleeves on the jacket. I plant to recut the jacket to be more appropriate and then make the bottom edge sealed with silk and decorative cording. What I don't know is the shape the sleeves need to be cut. I can't tell, nor did I see a pattern. Perhaps I missed it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Can I ask, do you need to wear a corset with these to give the right look? I am wanting to make a Titanic-era gown but am not too keen on making a corset. I am slim with a small bust, much like you.