Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Knitted Miser's Purse

This is an historically inspired purse. Yes, at first glance it does look like millions of other miser's purses out there; however, I haven't come across one of this style knitted in the round. Crocheted, yes, but knitted? Sadly, no. I wanted to knit a miser's purse of this style though, very much enjoyed doing it, and now I have a pretty thing that I made. Would I love to find a knitted one in the round? Of course! But I won't be broken up if one never appears. There is one fully beaded purse I found that says it's twisted stockinette and appears to be knit in the round, but without seeing it more closely, I don't know if it's what I did for mine. This is also the purse that inspired the leafy design on mine. Knitted miser's purses did exist, but they were knit flat and sewn.

Long story short, I have no documentation. But I do have a pretty purse!

Now that that's out of the way :)


The completed purse! It's made from Purely Silks size E beading cord with size 15 rocailles by Miyuki of Japan. The pattern is essentially the knitted star bag I made earlier, only with six points instead of eight, and obviously much longer! The lacy section in the middle is k2tog, yo, repeat and p2tog, yo, repeat endlessly row after row. I'm a little sad that I didn't look at more patterns (I extended this one from a two row eyelet design on another bag) because the p2tog was rather brutal. But it's pretty, so oh well! The square end is closed with a three needle bind off as described here on Ravelry--post 46 in the thead-- which is a rather brilliant way of doing it.

I used adjustable toe rings for the rings, and they work perfectly. You need something quite small, which I found out when the size 6 rings I ordered didn't work. You also need something that won't catch on the beads and not go on, which attempt number four, small hematite rings did.

I did keep track of everything and will write it as a pattern, including directions on the fringe.


Here's how the purse works. There's a slit in the middle section, which is knit flat instead of in the round. To put something in one end, slide the rings to one side, put something in, slide one ring back, and voila! safely stored things!


And here that is on the other side.

And below are some detail pictures!









  1. How about an action shot? How does one carry such a purse if one is not a cat? Very pretty, looking forward to the pattern!

    1. Maybe I'll do a video later, but the set up is rather annoying! For now, I just have the still pictures :)

      Other than a cat, you'd put it in your pocket or a larger bag. I've heard people say you could wear it over your belt, but there doesn't appear to be any documentation for that, so it for now seems to be a myth.

      Thank you!

  2. I'm thrilled to finally see the finished project! It's gorgeous and much smaller than I had imagined. Having never seen one, I certainly pictured it much bigger. Such a pretty little thing.

  3. Very beautiful! I love the beading.

  4. Hi, I love this! I was wondering if you have had time to put a pattern together? Thanks! :)

    1. I haven't, and I've lost my notes. When I find them, I do still want to. It's really just a very long version of my star bag, which I did pattern, only starting with six instead of eight stitches and much longer, and open in the middle, of course, so I can reconstruct it if they never turn up. Sorry!

  5. Oh, I'm weeping. I hope that you have time to put a pattern together. I am not an adventurous knitter and need to be led by the hand with a pattern. I'll go look at the star bag, but .... :)

  6. I haven't, but I have a friend who's made a pattern for a similar one :)