Sunday, October 27, 2013

Postponing Again

While I am going to make the one hour dress, and soon, I'm postponing again. To make this post somewhat more interesting, here's the I just realized I haven't posted about this dress that I'm probably wearing to work on Halloween. It has good elements for that--it's stereotypically pretty, and is quick to put on and has easy hair--important for the morning!

Princess Alexandra Inspired Dress

It's a blue cotton velvet (the fabric photographs horribly!) with an antique lace collar (very lightly basted on, with a little pocket inside the neckline where the excess lace is tucked!) and net sleeves based on a dress of Princess Alexandra's from 1869. It has a huge train. I've only worn it twice for two rather short times, and it needs to be worn some more.

To pass out candy, of course, will be the Angry Birds dress :)


  1. Ooo, that's pretty! I'm glad you'll get to wear it again. It certainly does look purple in this picture, at least on my screen...


  2. It's stunning, Katherine! Do you have a diary of a dress page recording your sewing of it?