Sunday, September 20, 2020

What I Would've Worn to Costume College 2020

1830s Melisandre 1

So, 2020 has turned out, uh, not exactly as planned? Still, I did have plans for Costume College, and I did a photoshoot the weekend that Costume College was supposed to be with what I had done. For the gala this year, inspired by last year's gala dress, typos, and the fire fountain at Costume College, I was going to make an 1830s version of Melisandre. I still hope to--bringing in fantasy elements, beyond what 1830s fancy dress would've done--is something I'm looking forward to.

1830s Melisandre 3 1830s Melisandre 2

For this costume I have 1830s underthings, shoes, a necklace, and an idea. Posing in my show version of the Melisandre dress worn as a wrapper seemed appropriate!

30s Melisandre 3

And the 1930s Melisandre from the 2019 Costume College gala that inspired the 1830s dress. It's silk satin with I think close to 30,000 sequins at the hem. I planned to wear this on a trip to the Queen Mary too. Now, with more time, I'm planning on a matching sequined cape.

30s Melisandre 1 30s Melisandre 2

The bodice is bias in the front and open in the back. I wasn't sure how it was going to work, but somehow it came together.

Cersei 1

This is the state of my latest Cersei dress was in when WonderCon was cancelled on March 12. At the rate I was sewing, it probably had two or three hours before it would be done. The main dress, anyway. I still had wig styling and an updated belt.

Cersei 2 Cersei 3

I've since been adding more embroidery--Italian mesh ribbon and tiny beads--to the sleeves. This dress fairly perfectly captures my current mood.

Regency 1

I always like to include something that I just want to wear again. I picked this little cotton spencer and white dress at the last minute when I was taking pictures.

Regency 2 Regency 3

The train on this dress was a victim of Jane Austen Festival mud. The stripes on the pleated back of the spencer were quite fun to pleat.

1840s 1

For the Young Victoria Dinner, hosted by my friend Robin, I was going to make an 1840s dress based on a dress in the Museum of London. The miles of bias ruffles on the skirt are done. Not much else.

1840s 2 1840s 3

I do have accessories! Time was short so I bought a Timely Tresses straw bonnet, and I've had the black bonnet veil for years.

1930s 3

Before Costume College, a group of us were going to go to the Wizarding World theme park at Universal and wear vintage Hogwarts costumes. Mine was going to be 1930s Ravenclaw, as if I were dressing for a reunion. It's still going to be a great 1930s outfit, even if I'm not quite comfortable cosplaying Harry Potter right now. Rowling's stances on trans rights are so saddening and frustrating.

1930s 2 1930s 1

I'm posing with the 1930s skirt and sweater I made to wear on the Queen Mary. That trip will still happen, and I imagine small trips like that will be possible before we can have events again.

I have a few more pictures of these on Instagram--taking these pictures the weekend of Costume College was very good for me--using #costumecollegethatwasnt. My sewing Instagram is linked in the navigation above. I have lots of progress pictures there--costuming is so much more than completed costume!


  1. The work you put into your costumes is amazing! I love them all, but especially the 30s outfit and of course the FIRE DRESS!

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