Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Checking in--A Few Updates!

First Flower Bandeau 11
20s Garter 1 Untitled

I have a lot planned for this blog, and the biggest plan is to update regularly! With that I thought I'd go ahead a post a preview of sorts. Pictured, I have the first velvet flower and thread wrapped bead for the silver and black robe de style I'm making for the Costume College gala, an original 1920s bandeau that I've patterned started writing an article on, an original 1920s garter that I'm planning on reproducing and writing about, and the 1790s stays that I'm working on, mostly because I actually like making stays, and wanted a pretty new pair.

One goal that I have is for every project is to post some sort of tutorial. Most will be small and a matter of looking at what I'm doing and what will hopefully be helpful.

In addition, I've started a Facebook page (also linked in the sidebar) for this blog. I'm just planning to use it for announcements about this blog and my antiques blog, and what I'm working on updates, to sort of celebrate those I'm getting somewhere moments.

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