Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Game of Thrones King's Landing/Handmaiden Dress

GoT Handmaiden 1

One of my favorite style dresses from Game of Thrones is the drapey, robe a la francaise/piemontaise type dresses popular in King's Landing--worn by women in town, handmaidens, Shae, and more. It's the perfect dress for the last day of Costume College (or any other convention) when you want to wear something, but be a little more relaxed!

Construction information for this dress, including a diagram, can be found here. The dress is very simple though--it's just a tube of washed silk taffeta from Renaissance Fabrics with drawstrings at the center back and center front, fastened at the center back with ribbons, and worn with a belt. Some construction can be seen on Instagram.

GoT Handmaiden 2 GoT Handmaiden 3

Full length views of the dress--it looks much more structured than it really is! The belt is made of Worbla and chainmail. Unfortunately, I used the wrong type of rings and it pretty much burst apart when I took a deep breath.

I made a new, simpler hairpiece than my first hairpiece. It's two braids twisted together with the ends tucked under with a narrow braid wrapped around it. I sewed a hairnet over it to keep everything in place, and sewed wig clips to the bottom. The back is just a very long narrow braid twisted into a bun.

GoT Handmaiden 4 GoT Handmaiden 5

The back drape falls in folds to fairly deep in the skirt--about knee level. This makes the dress extremely flowy. The back pleats are narrower than the front pleats, which gives a very elegant line.

GoT Handmaiden 6 GoT Handmaiden 7

Though it's not obvious in still pictures that the dress is almost five yards around, it's obvious when the dress moves. Especially if it there's any wind. I think my dress is a little fuller than the dresses on the show, but I'm fine with that!

GoT Handmaiden 8 GoT Handmaiden 9

The gap in the back between the pleats and the dress makes a drapey dress more fitted. Most of the dresses have a decorative center front panel, which also gives shape to the dress. Mine is hand embroidered because I couldn't find a contrast panel that I liked.

Game of Thrones Dress from Katherine on Vimeo.

And a short video of the dress in motion by Taylor of Dames a la Mode. And evidence of what my belt looked like before the chainmail fell apart. My earrings are also by her.


  1. I love this! I also really loved these dresses when watching GOT and it looks like this would be something easy to make for some friends and me for Halloween. Thanks for sharing how you put it together.

    1. Thank you! It would definitely be an easy dress for Halloween. And you're welcome :)

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  3. Its nice to see blog regarding game of thrones. Their fashion is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love game of thrones and I am happy to see this kind of blog showcasing the dress. This is pretty.