Friday, April 22, 2011

Pinball Beginnings!

Strawberry Pinball Supplies!

And here we have supplies for my strawberry pinball.

The adorable bunny thread winders and the pretty other thread winder are new. I think these'll be so much nicer than the cardboard ones I've been using. The weight will be nice and hold the threads down so they don't flop around like they did on the cardboard winders.

And aren't those the cutest scissors? I had been using my blunt tipped safety scissors (they don't hurt when you sit on them, so I use them for most sewing--this is very good advice!), but the tiny size of these was just appealing, and perfect for my knitting bag.

And speaking of knitting bags, I have a completely awesome knitting bag that I bought at Claire's. No, really, there couldn't be a more perfect bag than this. Observe:

My Pinball Knitting Bag

Seriously, could it be any cuter? The kitties! The rhinestones! The bow tie! I bought it during Costume College and it was just the kind of thing that made everyone who saw it smile.

But actually, it's a perfect knitting bag. It's thick enough so the needles don't poke through the way they did with my white tambour embroidered kitty (yes, kitty) reticule that I had been using. It's small enough to stick in my (admittedly oversized) purse so I can take it anywhere, and it's large enough to hold everything.

And it came with a ring. A little sparkly ring :)

In addition to the above supplies, I keep the pattern in there, a green mechanical pencil, spare lead that I figured I might as well take home after whichever student lost it didn't claim it for a year, a needle to weave in ends, my green pinball (for encouragement!) and a tambour hook for dropped stitches. I was so relieved to have that hook the first time (well, every time) I dropped a stitch. It's just too tiny for anything else!

So tonight I begin. Twenty rows of brown for the border, so not particularly exciting yet :)


  1. I just love that first photo! How artfully arranged those pretty things are :) Those bunny winders and made of awesome.
    Love the kitty purse, too :)

  2. I'm sure that it will turn out just a nice as the others you have made. Where did you get your thread winders?

  3. i think you'll need to make this to match!

  4. Lauren--Thank you! It took a minute for them to look natural but not posed. And aren't they the best? Just too cute :)

    Athena--I bought them at a local needlework shop, but the website is here:

    And Samantha, that's gorgeous! It would look perfect with the pinball :)

  5. Your pinball post is fascinating! Can you please provide information on how one can obtain the silver ring from the Williamsburg shop? (and how much of a dent it makes in one's purse?)

  6. It unfortunately makes a pretty big dent--$125 without the ring and $250 with it. It was a definite treat to myself as I had wanted one for so long!

    Here's the contact information for the Williamsburg Marketplace, since the pinball ring isn't on their site:


  7. $125 without the chain and $250 with the chain, that should be. The way I said it makes no sense! Sorry :)