Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What ho? A Blog!

I've been thinking about it for a while, and at last, I took the plunge. And I present to you my costume blog!

I plan on using this for major what I'm doing/what I've done updates that actually have potentially useful or interesting content--when a bodice resembles a bodice, or a skirt a skirt, or I've put something together that could be helpful.

Of course, I am working on a semi-secret project at the moment--something with no pictures until May! I do have other projects going along side that one though, most notably a francaise (my first, though I've made two pet-en-l'air), so draping that could be an interesting thing!

This is not in any way a replacement for my journal, which has proven to be a journal in every sense of the word--I honestly think I say too much there for it to be of any real costume use. As for my webpage, well, in addition to not being very good at updating, I think the time of the static webpage is ending. As with the journal, I am keeping that as well. If I ever stop being lazy, I do still want to put tutorials and keep a costume portfolio there.

And since I mentioned them, the journal:

My Journal!

And the website:

Katherine's Dress Site


  1. Welcome to the Blogger sphere, you amazing magician!

    I already read your LJ but the more the better...

  2. ah! welcome to Blogger! I thought, when I saw your latest post, "how the heck did I miss Katherine's blog!?" but I see it's quite new. Yay! I shall add you to my blogroll!