Sunday, March 27, 2011

Draping--Sort Of--A Sacque, Part Two

Draping a robe a la francaise, or sacque. An eight part series! Click the tag or go to the tutorial page for links to all parts.

Tonight I prepared the fabrics for tomorrow. I decided to narrow the silk to period widths. This will actually make things easier, as I can add the shorter skirt pieces after I'm sure I know where the waist is. On the pet-en-l'airs, I cut the skirt piece according to the lining. It worked, but I think this will be easier.

The finished back piece is one width of 54 inch fabric.  The seam that you see is just the result of making it period width!

The back piece. You don't have to cut the shoulders out like I did, but I find it easier to anchor them than leave them square. This is especially true on the front piece!

I left the bottom few inches of the center back seam unsewn in case I wanted a shorter train. Much easier to sew a few inches than pick out and re-secure the thread!

The center back seam is sewn with a running stitch, and it's selvage to selvage. I love this fabric--it's properly designed to put two motifs next to each other at the selvages. That's so rare these days!

And the fronts. I find this part much less awkward with the armscyes cut.

Tomorrow, actual draping!


  1. I like what you did here, and the fabric is beautiful. Are you fashioning this after a specific image? Looking forward to reading about the next step in this project.